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module POD

Proxy Glue

0:    a      b       c       d       e       P
              \\___________                  R
                           \\                O
1:           f       g       h               X
                   ________//                I
                 //                          E
2:        i     j       k       l            S
The diagram above shows how the software works. Proxies are setup by level into a big field, and when it's time to make a request, a random path is chosen. A connection is made with the first proxy in the chain and a specially-formatted request causes each proxy to connect to the proxy higher up in the chain until the destination. Not only does this keep users more secure by not allowing any one proxy to potentially collect all information and having multiple layers of protection, it is potentially faster than just one chain because the request load is distributed over many different proxies.
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